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AYALA Group International was founded in 2013 by Mexico-born Jorge Ayala, in Paris.

Located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Ayala Group is mainly composed by Jorge Ayala Paris Brand and AyArchitecture Atelier of Architecture.

Ayala Group’s distribution network extends from Europe to America, counting Mexico since January 2016 and upcoming to the United States in late 2016, within a selection of department stores and multi-brand retail spaces. (See stocklist)

Ayala production is concentrated in Paris as the epicenter of creativity for designers. Fabric outsourcers are located in Italy, Great Britain and France, while manufacturing network expands from Lituania to Mexico, creating jobs while assuring quality, trust and respect of human rights at the core of our all-time production and human values.

Ayala Group produces men’s and women’s luxury clothing and goods, combining contemporary, cutting-edge handmade/ handpainted états d’âme; art appliqués pieces and product design.
Ayala Group has the capacity to combine disciplines and scales of work from architecture to clothing design as a business model, mixing all technics and tactics of design, whether artisanale or advance.

Savoir Faire

Since its foundation, Ayala Group has established connections with native etnias from Mexico’s Central and Southern Plateaux, Wixarika, Huichol, Zapoteca, among others; while implementing their state-of-the-art know-how toward contemporary application and usages.

Seeking to extract all primary approaches to these cultures, Ayala Group endeavour is to enhance their international acceptance and visibility in art and design scenes.


Ayala Group is notorious for setting bridges between theory and practice, marking an important reference in the world of academia worldwide.

Jorge Ayala has received many invitations to lecture, teach and operate workshops globally since 2008. From China, Costa Rica, Iran and Mexico, Ayala seeks to blur cultural boundaries in the so-called emerging world.

Also, Ayala won Mexico Fashion Film Festival MxFFF in 2014 with his shortfilm Arrecifes, putting forward the exacerbated milieu of Mexico – US border at the core of Tijuana, Northern Mexico. Ayala cinematographic projects are fully engaged with socio-geographic conditions and configurations.


Oddness and otherness are part of Ayala’s signature and approach to design. From pop-up stores to collections campaigns, Ayala Group proposes a non-standard way of consuming today.

Ayala Group also organizes exhibitions and cultural events.

In September 2013-2014, Ayala participated to the innovative exhibition FRAC Centre.

In 2015, Ayala had his first retrospective show in Espace Habitat in Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris. In 2016 , Ayala takes part in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico.

Collaborative projects engage with Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, United Nude Franck Provost, Google Mexico, among others.


Jorge Ayala studied architecture in Paris prior to entering the prestigious Architectural Association School in London.

His work has been featured in web and printed magazines -MARK, DASH, L’Officiel Ukraine, Maison Française, Belles Demeures, l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Libération- and books -Digital HandMade: Craftsmanshop on the New Industrial Revolution (Thames & Hudson), ArchiManual (Bruce Lan Publishers), Contemporary Digital Architecture (Links Publisher).


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